Spinners of Killeshandra

Spinners of Killeshandra Fishing Tackle Shop


Spinners is owned by Derek & Sue Whittaker. The shop is situated on Main Street in Killeshandra and has been open since 12th July 2008. Our aim is to provide local and visiting anglers with a good range of quality fishing tackle and fresh and frozen baits at affordable prices. We also have access to local guides, maps, boat hire and up to date information on how the lakes and rivers are currently fishing.

We have a large selection of leading brands including; Daiwa, Preston Innovations, Korum, Drennan, Shimano, Tubertini, Fox Predator, Browning, Shakespeare, Mitchell, Abu, Berkley, Dennetts, Waterline, Maver, Trabucco, Drake Floats, Van Den Eynde Baits, Sonubaits, Salmo, Savagear, Illex, Dorado, Spro-BBZ’s, Storm, Strike-Pro, Mepps, Bobcats, Frankie McPhillips Flies & HAIRY PIKER Hand Made Pike Flies & Pike Lures.



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For any other queries please email or call our shop on 049 436 3877 if you are ringing from Ireland or 00 353 49 436 3877 if you are ringing from the U.K.

MONDAY - 17.00pm to 19.00pm
TUES to FRI 8.00am to 12.30pm & 17.00pm to 19.00pm
SATURDAY 8.00am to 14.00pm & 17.00pm to 19.00pm
SUNDAY 9.00am to 12.30pm

When anglers talk of spinning or spinners, they could be talking about either of two things. On the one hand spinners can be those fishy shapes made of shiny metal with a mean looking treble hook on the end. You will see anglers using short rods to whiz their spinners out attached to clear monofilament line or more recently braid. Having cast out, it’s just a question of reeling it back in furiously while hoping an unsuspecting fish will snap up the spinner either in a fit of pique or because they think it’s a rapidly escaping prey. This simple fishing ploy is known as spinning. But the other kind of spinner is of much more delicate nature. Spinners in fly fishing are the filmy adult version of an up-winged fly like a Blue Winged or Large Dark Olive. Fly fishers revere these flies and make elegant imitations of spinners as trout love them. Quite how the insect got its name is a little unclear but it would seem to be something to do with the behaviour of the fluttery dancing clouds of these insects, often seen busily ‘spinning’ above river pools on warm evenings. Another alternate origin of the shop name is from a pub me and my angling mates used to frequent in Darwen, Lancashire. The pub was called the ‘Spinners’ but was named after the cotton mills and the use of the ‘Spinning Jennie’ and nothing to do with fishing. Many a good night was had there downing pints of Stones best bitter. The premises are still there but was renamed the ‘Little Elephant’ a Thai restaurant and then changed to a Mediterranean restaurant named ‘Marco Polo’s. In October/November of 2011 the premises have reverted to that of a pub and the name has changed back to the ‘SPINNERS’ so next time we are over I’ll be sure to have a pint or two for old times sake.